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Phuket - (Thailand)


The island of Phuket, in translation a "mountain", is considered to be the "pearl of the Andaman coast" and the best resort and the largest island in Thailand. The tropical forests, waterfalls, coconut plantations and golden beaches make Phuket a perfect place to relax. Phuket is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean due to its secluded beaches, spectacular coral reefs, azure waters of the Andaman Sea, impenetrable thickets of the jungle and cliffs. Phukets great advantage is that theres always something to do on and off the island whether its raining or shining. From the sublime to the seemingly profane, the range of activities and places to visit is remarkable for a destination of this size. Here are our Top Ten "Must See" choices, built on popular vote. If you only get through half of these destinations you will have had an unforgettable holiday. Go for it.