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Kualalumpur - (Malaysia)


Kualalumpur - A modern metropolis with gleaming skyscrapers, mega shopping malls, pulsating nightlife, heritage buildings, beautifully landscapes gardens and parks, lively Chinatown, modern transportation and home to the Petronas Twin Towers -the worlds tallest twin towers at an astounding height of 1,458 feet. THERE is no doubt that the number one city in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur in terms of size, popularity and social (read that as nightlife) entertainment. Amongst the very few countries in the world stands Malaysia, with people from different countries and cultures. Despite being influenced by diverse cultures, Malaysia has made its mark by furnishing its own identity to the world. Its rich culture can be depicted as an assortment, where you can find variety harmonizing the global standards. A glimpse of foreign tang can be seen in its language, music, dance, architecture, people, and handicrafts as well.