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Colombo - (Sri Lanka)


Situated in the western province of Sri Lanka, Colombo is the island's capital. Diverse and vibrant, the city is the administrative and economic center of the country. The city offers historical monuments, colonial architecture, beaches, and fine dining and shopping. Its architecture has been influenced by Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonization. The British influence is clearly visible in the buildings located in the Fort, an area where the larger business houses and the stock exchange are situated. Close by is Pettah, a bustling marketplace with each section of the bazaar selling its own specialty, ranging from food items to shoes to gold; wholesale markets are found here. Galle Face Green is where the locals gather on the weekend to enjoy the cool breeze from the Indian Ocean and a stroll along the promenade. Nearby are temples, mosques, and churches catering to the diverse population that enrich the culture of the city.